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Small Munsterlander - Characteristics and Qualities
The Small Munsterlander is one of the oldest hunting, pointing and retrieving dogs developed in Munster Germany and is known as one of the smallest versatile hunting dogs in Europe. When the needs of hunters changed and they needed a dog with multiple purposes due to the various changes in hunting styles, they created a dog that adapted to and met these challenges. That dog is the Small Munsterlander. Small Munsterlander retrieving a rabbit for his hunter.

It is a superb working dog that is intelligent, attentive and highly trainable with an indomitable passion for hunting. They are bred to find, point, track and retrieve upland birds, waterfowl and fur bearing animals and have also been used to track deer and boar.

The Small Munsterlander follows scent infallibly, points accurately and excels at hunting in water. They have a strong drive to follow their keen sense of smell and thrive with hunting or other comparable challenges, following both voice and hand signals, working equally well in both the field and in water. The Small Munsterlander, with its devotion and enthusiasm for hunting, never gives in to fatigue nor is he daunted by the foulest of weather.

The Small Munsterlander is a happy, loyal and affectionate family pet in the house, yet remains focused, driven and attentive in the field. While it will typically bond with the individual with whom he hunts closely, he will revel in the company of the rest of the family as well. It is a sociable animal that needs to interact and be around people, he loves children and makes a wonderful family companion as well as a good watch dog. In addition to having these useful qualities, it is also a pleasant, very sympathetic companion of noble bearing. A Small Munsterlander dog.

The Small Munsterlander is a hunting dog that requires regular physical and mental exercise throughout its life, as well as things to keep it busy, and if possible, a body of water for swimming.

The Small Munsterlander has an average height of 52-56cm. The body is lean yet powerful and not prone to becoming overweight due to its active nature and natural athleticism. The coloration is large patches of brown on a ticked or solid white background. The soft coat is of moderate length with generous feathering on the forelegs, chest and tail.